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Sage & Citrus Room Mist
Sage & Citrus Room Mist
Sage & Citrus Room Mist

Sage & Citrus Room Mist

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Sage & Citrus Room Mist 

A blend of sage and citrus. The appealing essence of our Sage & Citrus scent gives a sensation of calm and cleanliness, which combined with the Citrus oil brings peace to your ambiance, and works as an energy booster.

Sage has been used by native Americans for its healing and spiritual properties. Sage serves as an energy clearing agent, dismissing any negative energy, and bad spirits.

We've captured your favorite scents in this multi-purpose air freshener so your home leaves a long-lasting impression. Our Room Mists can solve any smelly problem instantly.   


Usage Instructions:

  • Avoid using in wet areas
  • Spray up  
  • Avoid spraying directly to the floor
  • Oil / Alcohol-Based Product


Handmade in Dallas Texas.

Sage + Citrus Room Mist