Eucalyptus Soy Candle
Eucalyptus Soy Candle

Eucalyptus Soy Candle

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Eucalyptus Soy Candle

The refreshing aroma of our eucalyptus soy candle contributes to the relieve of allergies, asthma, sinuses, and any respiratory infections the natural way.

Eucalyptus Essential Oil Health Benefits

It helps open up the entire respiratory system, from sinuses to lower lungs. Breathing in the aroma of the Eucalyptus Globulus Leaf also eases the release of stuck, and blocked emotions.

We use soy wax and essential oils in all our candles for a clean burn, long lasting aroma and a healthy living. We recommend always keeping wicks trimmed low to prevent high flames, black smoke, "mushrooming" wick and your candle burning too quickly.

***Avoid if pregnant***

Eucalyptus Soy Candle burning time:

Small up to 24 hours

Medium up to 50 hours

Large up to 100 hours

Grande up to 120 hours

Eucalyptus Soy Candle