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Eterno Soy Candle
Eterno Soy Candle
Eterno Soy Candle
Eterno Soy Candle

Eterno Soy Candle

You, Me, & Emilio

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Eterno Soy Candle

A combination of a wide range of scented oils make of our new candle Eterno a guy’s  favorite, because of its uniqueness, and appealing aroma, in addition to its many properties:

Bergamot with its sweet citrus aroma promotes calmness, and is all about love, acceptance, and validation of self

Arugula known for it’s aphrodisiac properties

Lilly of the valley: used as a remedy for hundreds of years, is popular for its floral aroma, eases depression, headaches and melancholy

Violet oil is believed to comfort and strengthen the heart in times of grief, and has been  widely popular in places like India for centuries

Vetiver, is characterized by its earthy fragrance, is known to promote calmness and stability

Sandalwood, is often used for enhancing mood, and meditation. It’s unique aroma make it a favorite

We use 100% soy wax and scented oils in all our candles for a clean burn, long lasting aroma and a healthy living. We recommend always keeping wicks trimmed low to prevent high flames, black smoke, your wick "mushrooming" and your candle burning too quickly.

Eterno Soy Candle burning time:

Small up to 24 hours

Medium up to 50 hours

Large up to 100 hours

Grande up to 120 hours 

Eterno Soy Candle

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