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Premium Subscription Plan | How It Works

Welcome to Our Premium Subscription Plan

Experience the endless joy of never running out of your beloved products again! Embark on an exhilarating journey by subscribing to our prestigious Premium Subscription Plan, where time is saved, money is treasured, and life becomes a little more extraordinary. With our unparalleled subscription plan, you will bask in convenience, reliability, and the invigorating FREEDOM to effortlessly cancel or modify your plan at any moment! 

 To sign up is simple! Just add preferred products to cart, choose Subscribe to Save, and proceed with purchase. Upon initial order, enrollment in subscription occurs at the desired frequency of product delivery. You will have the advantage of modifying orders freely, add new items, switch products, adjust subscription anytime with ease.

And that's not all, as an added thrill, enjoy an exclusive discount of up to 25% OFF on your entire order. Prepare to be electrified as all your desired items are promptly shipped on the 1st of every month or at the frequency that suits your desires best. Let the excitement guide you towards a truly remarkable shopping experience!

DELIVERY FREQUENCY When Adjusting the Delivery Frequency of your products, the discount will be manually adjusted by our staff to match the discounts we offer. If you see any billing discrepancy, please contact us. 

EXTRA PERKS Experience the thrill of trying out exclusive new products at no cost! With your monthly subscription order, you'll have the incredible opportunity to be among the first to sample our exciting offerings, completely free of charge.

NEW PRODUCT Wild Madagascar Vanilla 

COMING SOON 07.2024 Breathe & Relax | Eucalyptus Spearmint Scent

ON SALE PRODUCTS Products currently at a discounted price, will eventually be adjusted to regular price, and it will impact the cost of your total order. Applies only to any ON SALE products.

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