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CedarMint Soy Candle
CedarMint Soy Candle

CedarMint Soy Candle

You, Me, & Emilio

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CedarMint Soy Candle

Our new CedarMint soy candle combines the scents of Cedarwood, Spearmint, and Basil.  These high quality oils have several common characteristics that include: calming effects, stress reduction, and improved sleep. Cedarwood earthy and woodsy aroma has been known to promote focus, and combat breathing problems. Spearmint’s refreshing scent, a favorite in ancient Greece, will dissipate fatigue, and stress, thus uplifting you emotionally. Basil, known historically  for it’s use in cuisine, provides clarity of mind, and promotes  the much needed alertness.

We use 100% soy wax and high quality oils in all our candles for a clean burn, long lasting aroma and a healthy living. We highly recommend to keep wicks trimmed low to prevent high flames, black smoke, your wick "mushrooming" and your candle burning too quickly.

CedarMint soy candle burning time:

  • Small up to 24 hours / about 4oz 

  • Medium up to 50 hours / about 8oz 

  • Large up to 100 hours / about 16oz

  • Grande up to 120 hours / about 20oz

CedarMint Soy Candle

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