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Grapefruit & Lime Hand & Body Lotion

Grapefruit & Lime Hand & Body Lotion

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Grapefruit & Lime Hand & Body Lotion  

Introducing Grapefruit & Lime Hand & Body Lotion, a refreshing and invigorating fragrance that will awaken your senses and leave your skin feeling pampered and revitalized.

Experience the crisp, energizing, and citrus-inspired aromas of Grapefruit & Lime, a fragrance fusion that will uplift your mood and provide a revitalizing effect. The zesty notes of grapefruit and lime create an invigorating scent that will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Our pampering Hand Lotion is carefully formulated with a blend of luxurious ingredients to provide your skin with the utmost care. Infused with Jojoba oil, Sweet Almond oil, Avocado oil, and Vitamin E oil, this lotion offers a wealth of benefits for your skin. Jojoba oil, known for its similarity to the skin's natural oils, deeply moisturizes and nourishes, leaving your skin feeling soft and supple. Sweet Almond oil and Avocado oil contribute to the softening and hydrating properties of the lotion, while Vitamin E oil provides antioxidant protection, helping to combat the effects of environmental stressors.

We understand the importance of skin compatibility, which is why our Grapefruit & Lime Hand & Body Lotion is suitable for all skin types. Whether you have dry, oily, or sensitive skin, this lotion will provide the nourishment and hydration your skin needs.

Please note that while using this product, it is important to limit your exposure to sunlight to reduce the risk of chemical burns and pigmentation changes. We recommend applying sunscreen or protective clothing when using the lotion during sun exposure.

As with all our products, Grapefruit & Lime Hand & Body Lotion is proudly handmade in Dallas, Texas. We take great pride in creating products that not only enhance your skincare routine but also provide a truly indulgent experience. Treat yourself to the exceptional quality and craftsmanship of Grapefruit & Lime Hand & Body Lotion.

Revitalize your senses and nourish your skin with the invigorating scent of Grapefruit & Lime Hand & Body Lotion. Handmade in Dallas, Texas, for a luxurious touch.

 Handmade in Dallas Texas. 

Grapefruit & Lime Hand & Body Lotion