Blue Moon Soy Candle Limited Edition
Blue Moon Soy Candle Limited Edition

Blue Moon Soy Candle Limited Edition

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Blue Moon Soy Candle Limited Edition

A blend of Sage, Sweetgrass, Peppermint, Eucalyptus, and Warm Vanilla Sugar. This compound will assist you releasing any negative energy or spiritual blockages. Its appealing aroma also promotes prosperity, healing, and spiritual manifestation. Its a healing candle! 

Health Benefits

Sage Oil has been used to stimulate the mind and to address mental fatigue, or depression. It also brings clarity, and eliminates dense energy. Native American tribes were known to use sage during rituals for spiritual cleaning and soul purification.

Sweetgrass Oil is an important ingredient in many New Age healing and science practices. Sweetgrass is a sacred plant used in shamanic and healing ceremonies. It is said that burning Sweetgrass brings prosperity, abundance, and positive energy into your life.   

Eucalyptus Peppermint Oil helps you connecting with the spirit world. It instills protection, reduces mental stress, and exhaustion. It is also a natural expectorant and antiseptic. 

Warm Vanilla Sugar Oil this spice is used in spellwork, religious rituals, and sacraments. Vanilla is associated with water and venus, and is normally found in personal, good luck, and love rituals. 

We use 100% soy wax and fragrance and scented oils in all our candles for a clean burn, long lasting aroma and a healthy living. We recommend always keeping wicks trimmed low to prevent high flames, black smoke, and your candle burning too quickly.

Soy Candle burning time:

 Large up to 80 hours

Grande up to 100 hours 

Handmade in Dallas Texas.

Blue Moon Soy Candle Limited Edition