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My Business Story - Unveiling the Tale of My Entrepreneurial Odyssey: Weaving Success with You Me & Emilio


Immersed in the vibrant entrepreneurial fabric of the Dominican Republic, where families forge their destinies through business ventures, I was fortunate to be nurtured within a lineage of enterprising spirits. From my grandfather's triumphs to my father's audacious leap, the seeds of ambition were sown early in my life. In this captivating blog post, I shall recount the chapters of my business narrative, illuminated by the wisdom inherited from my family, which ultimately led me to establish the remarkable brand known as You Me & Emilio. Brace yourself for a tale of perseverance, passion, and the alchemical power of our soy candle products in spreading joy and positive energy.

Family Influence

Embedded within the very DNA of my family's heritage lies a rich tapestry of entrepreneurial brilliance. My esteemed grandfather, Ramon Julio Horton, constructed a formidable business empire that stood the test of time. His visionary enterprises, "Repuesto San Ramon" and "Garage San Ramon," resonated with resounding success throughout the years. As a wide-eyed youngster, I eagerly anticipated Saturdays, when I would eagerly lend a hand in the family's retail spaces. The memories of those formative experiences continue to inspire me to this day, instilling in me the virtues of dedication, valor, and astute business acumen. My father, Ramon Emilio Horton, carried the torch of entrepreneurship with unwavering determination, establishing his own business, "Moto-Bici San Ramon." In the hallowed halls of his establishment, I imbibed the essence of customer-centricity and an unyielding love for freedom, which would later shape my own entrepreneurial philosophy.

Early Ventures

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes of childhood dreams, my entrepreneurial journey began to take flight at a tender age. A mere nine years old and armed with boundless ingenuity, I discerned a business need that demanded fulfillment. Thus, I embarked on the creation of photocopies for blank coloring books, ingeniously catering to the students who lacked such artistic outlets. This humble enterprise ignited a spark within me, a fire that burned brighter with each passing day. At the age of twelve, under the tutelage of my beloved grandmother, America Fernandez, affectionately known as Meca, I ventured into the realm of frozen delights, crafting delectable ice cream from scratch. Alas, my father, ever mindful of my educational pursuits, gently nudged me to relinquish my entrepreneurial aspirations temporarily.

Founding You Me & Emilio

In the year 2015, with unwavering determination and an indomitable desire for a better life, I set forth on my third entrepreneurial odyssey. A confluence of admiration for my personal style and an innate understanding of people's desires birthed the realization that I possessed a unique ability to curate bracelets that resonated with the hearts of others. The resounding affirmation from colleagues at work served as the clarion call to establish my own company, giving rise to the indomitable brand, "You Me & Emilio." Our ethos rests on the foundation of spreading happiness and love in a world that yearns for more. We meticulously craft products that cater to the varied needs of individuals, enriching their lives with a touch of magic.

Overcoming Challenges

The path of entrepreneurship, while fraught with challenges and hardships, is a crucible in which resilience and patience are forged. The ebbs and flows of business cash flow, the labyrinthine complexities of marketing strategies, and the arduous task of breaking through market barriers have confronted me with their formidable presence. Yet, I have embraced these trials as transformative opportunities to shape a remarkable business that stands tall amidst adversity.

About You Me & Emilio

Within the hallowed halls of You Me & Emilio, we are ardent purveyors of good vibes, custodians of positive energy, and staunch advocates of self-healing. Our artisanal repertoire encompasses hand-poured soy candles, exquisite soy wax melts, ethereal room mists, and nourishing hand lotions. We have ardently chosen to utilize 100% natural soy wax and scented oils, ensuring a pristine burn, an enduring aroma, and a healthier living experience for our cherished patrons.


With a heart brimming with pride, I stand before you as the architect behind the resounding success of You Me & Emilio, a brand that has become synonymous with spreading love and joy in Dallas and beyond. By imbuing our creations with an abundance of affection and happiness, we strive to leave an indelible mark on the world we inhabit. As I reflect upon the chapters of my entrepreneurial saga, it becomes evident that the guidance of my family, the lessons learned from early ventures, and the unwavering commitment to crafting a brand that ignites the hearts of others have propelled

 (my grand-parents)



 Live Love Laugh & Travel, 

Emilio Horton

Owner and Founder

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7 commentaires

  • I really enjoyed visiting your kiosk @ Trinity Grove Fall event! I purchased 3 of your soy candles. As soon as I got home I fired up my new Texas Spice Soy candle. It immediately warmed up my home and change the entire aroma in my home. Hours after I blew out my candle off my neighbor could still smell the Texas spice soy candle in the air. You have a new loyal customer! Thanks again

    Mario F. Carrillo
  • Your limited edition purple skull candle is my all time favorite. I’ve been lighting it every day this week. I received compliments on the smell of my room. Will buy more. Thank you.

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  • Emilio – We met at Unity of Dallas yesterday. I am so thrilled with the scents Black Orchid and Lime Vanilla is perfect in my kitchen. I enjoyed meeting you and look forward to ordering more products and sharing a link to your website on my social media.

    Cheryl Y Sheets
  • I’m so happy for you Amor. Pursuit your dream I told you that you are a Entrepreneur and your good vibe and passion to make people happy is never enough. Welcome to Business owner…
    Love u Amigo compatriota Dios te Bendiga :)


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