Texas Spice Soy Candle
Texas Spice Soy Candle
Texas Spice Soy Candle

Texas Spice Soy Candle

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Texas Spice Soy Candle

A blend of Apple Clover oil, and Lemon Lavender oil. Its refreshing, uplifting, and spicy. 

Apple Oil is delicious and sweet. Its antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties can help prevent lung cancer. 

Clove oil has been used in many ancient cultures to treat infections and to kick a cold out of the body. The clove scent is welcoming, warming, and it can be very effective in the bedroom. 

Lemon Oil has been loved by many for its refreshing, cooling, and uplifting aroma. The use of lemon oil encourages mental clarity, and subdues aggressive behavior. It also helps fighting cancer, and boosting your immune system. 

Lavender Oil soothes inflammation, reduces insomnia, and helps balancing extreme of emotions. Lavender oil is recommended by European physicians and psychologists for emotional difficulties such as depression, fear, hysteria, irritability, mood swings, and to release repressed emotions.   

We use 100% Soy Wax and scented oils in all our candles for a clean burn, long lasting aroma and a healthy living. It’s an eco-friendly vegan product hand poured in Dallas Texas.

We recommend always keeping wicks trimmed low to 1/4" to prevent high flames, black smoke, and your candle burning too quickly.

Burning time:

Medium up to 40 hours / Net Wt. 6.2 oz

Large up to 80 hours / Net Wt. 10.7 oz

Grande up to 100 hours / Net Wt. 15.1 oz

Handmade in Dallas Texas.

Texas Spice Soy Candle

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