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Oak Moss Soy Candle


Oak Moss Soy Candle

This all natural scented soy candle consists of an earthy blend of Spanish Oak Moss, rich Patchouli and Siberian fir balsam, wrapped in a sheer veil of White Amber and Cashmere Musk. 

Oak Moss Essential oil Health Benefits

The Oak Moss essential oil is a powerful expectorant that provides relief from any respiratory symptoms. It’s soothing for any type of inflammation, or irritation in the brain, and nervous system. Possesses antiseptic properties that help eliminate microbes that are already in your body.

We use soy wax and essential oils in all our candles for a clean burn, a long lasting aroma and to promote healthy living. 


Keep wicks trimmed low to avoid high flames, black smoke,  and “mushrooming”. This will also prevent your candle from burning too quickly.

Oak Moss Soy Candle burning times

Small up to 24 hrs 

Medium up to 60 hrs 

Large up to 120 hrs 

Grande up to 140 hrs

Oak Moss Soy Candle

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